SSL is digital certificate that provides an encrypted connection to the user and provides identity and details of the web server to the web browser. SSL stands for secure sockets layer which is a secure layer that is given to the web browser and establishes the trust. The website which is protected under SSL certificate will have the locked padlock near the web address and it will also have HTTPS before the web address instead of HTTP the ‘S’ denote security which is guaranteed by the SSL certificate with that padlock symbol browser can click and know the details of the server domain registrar and this will prevent from hackers creating the similar website so the users information will stay safe especially when there is money transaction and personal information of the user is collected the users or browser can trust the website that is a truth worthy website and the people behind the server is authenticated by the SSL certificate so the information will be safe 

How SSL certificate works is the browser or a server try to connect with the webserver then, the requests made by the server and it will issue a SSL certificate copy and browser or the server check whether to trust this website or not if it does trust the site an encrypted session will be signed by the browser and encrypted data will be shared among the server or browser and webservers which got the SSL Certificate, all this process will only take milliseconds and it will also called as ”SSL handshake “

The content that is available in the SSL certificates are the domain name and to whom the SSL certificate was issued for a individual or a organization, which authority as issued the certificate and the digital signature of the authority, if there is any sub-domains then it is supposed to be mentioned in the SSL certificate and date of the certificate issued and date of expiry  if it has a public key then it will be there but in the case of private key it will not be revealed in the certificate of SSL

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