Clairvoyant scams are the customer receives a call that they have seen some terrible happenings in the future and for more details the customer have to share their personal information. They will approach the customers by email, telephone call, even face to face. The fraudsters ask money from the customers for their services.  The event which is informed by the fraudsters could be winning lottery ticket or removal of the curse. The clairvoyant scams will be like the fraudsters says the exact thing about the victim but the victim has to be clear that it will be a general idea where it can be for anyone else. The clairvoyant scams are like the fraudsters made the victim to believe that they are having some special insight on them. The victim may be offered by good luck charm, lottery tickets, etc.

The only solution for those clairvoyant scams are the victims are not supposed to give their credit card or debit card details to the fraudsters mainly in a printed form. The offers will be like unexpected cash prizes. The customer must have a clear idea about what they have paid for and what they have received. If the customers want to report the scam page even they can do and can also block that page.

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