“Today’s humans do not need terrorists to disrupt peace in the world – they are doing it themselves quite well.”
― Abhijit Naskar, The Gospel of Technology

The world has completely changed in less than half of a year. A pandemic has paused our lives as we slowly began to succumb to it and us humans are still uncertain of when and how we will win this battle. Billions of people are made to stay home and not step out of the house to prevent the further spread of the virus. This ‘lockdown’ that feels more like a ‘house-arrest’ has encouraged every human being to look for new activities or hobbies that would make them productive. The most sought for activity or hobby by the youth generation is the exploitation of digital devices.

The use of the mobiles, smartphones, laptops and such devices has tremendously increased in the last few months. Since person-to-person communication is advised to be avoided, social media (i.e., platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc) serves as a program to maintain their career and relationships. However, this is the time to realize how counterproductive and damaging the IT overuse is. Sociologists and psychologists are concerned that technology addiction has adverse ramifications for human behavior and underlying social inadequacy. The use of digital devices isn’t claimed to be a nourishment but rather said to cause damage to social functioning.

CYBERPSYCHOLOGY (aka internet psychology)

Cyber psychology is an area of study which encompasses the operation of mind and behaviors of those addicted to technology. "There is a concerning relationship between excessive screen time and risk for death by suicide, depression, suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts," said Thomas Joiner, from the Florida State University.

Some of the most likely faced emotional consequences are:

●      Low self-esteem and comparison

●      Anxiety

●      Social fear/Social Isolation

●      Depression

●      Insecurity

●      Unable to prioritize work

●      Insomnia

●      Eating Disorders

●      ADHD

●      Addiction

To further examine and estimate digital dependency and addiction amongst the youth, a questionnaire survey was conducted to analyze their habits and the consequences.

As it appears from the above charts, people compulsively check their devices despite its tendency to affect their emotional related capacities and manifest social fear. Though there are punitive benefits of technology and its devices, psychologists and sociologists fear the convenience and connectivity offered is nothing but a gateway door to severe mental disorders. Undoubtedly, IOT and digital devices are a boon to our lifestyles but it is necessary to limit their usage. Heavy or excessive use of social networks and gaming apps on smartphones fosters the formation of habits, that can easily develop into addictive behaviors, similar to the manner by which experimentation transitions to dependence on alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs.


  1. On June 26, 2020, a TikTok star Siya Kakkar with over 11 lakh followers died by suicide in her residence. On investigation, cyber bullying and harassment was found to be the reason why Siya Kakkar suffered from depression and committed suicide.
  2. On July 2, 2020 a Tirupura man ended his life after he failed to buy a smartphone for daughter’s online classes. Due to his inability to buy a smartphone, his daughter fought with him which led to him committing suicide.
  3. On June 14, 2020 it was found that the actor Sushant Singh Rajput had googled his name, read a few articles about himself before committing suicide. This was stated in the primary forensic report of his mobile.
  4. On March 16, 2020, a kid from Bihar committed suicide after his parents scolded him for spending a lot of his time playing PubG. An investigating officer stated that “Prima Facie it appears that the boy took the extreme step in frustration.”
  5. On May 20, 2020, a 13- year-old girl from Kolkata who was rebuked by her mother for spending too much time on mobile was found hanging from their three-story apartment.
  6. On June 11,2020, a Shimla woman hanged herself to death inside her house and had written a post on social media blaming her husband for neglecting her and their daughter by spending over 10 hours a day playing PubG all day long.
  7. On July 09, 2020, a 16-year old girl from Rajasthan committed suicide after her mother who intervened in a brother-sister fight, warned that she will not recharge her mobile phone

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