With the surge of Digital Media, Political parties have started exploring alternative methods of campaigning and mobilizing the public. The reliance on social media and other online platforms has increased significantly as Political Parties are in constant campaign mode and conducting live Indian Rallies. Social Media platforms are used to influence and persuade the masses and other organizations by propagating party agendas and schemes. Digital Media has opened the door of opportunities to these parties. The new technological tools have helped to identify a specific group of voters and by gathering volunteers and representatives. So, when the election phase is nearing all the political parties gear up to explode online platforms with Advertisements, Videos, Images, and Blog posts

Target Audience and Propaganda:

Targeted Advertising is a particularly crucial tool when it comes to political campaigns. Through these messages are delivered to certain groups or “Target Groups’ who could be potential voters to understand their needs and opinions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. Based on their views the political parties can make alterations to their political agendas and have a better insight into where they stand in the political race. Media propaganda in politics has been one of the smartest techniques to keep the public engaged and up to date with current affairs. Short articles and blog posts with confusing stories that are left open-ended stir the curiosity of the Youth. 

WhatsApp is probably one of the most used applications which connect people from all around the globe. Constant forwards and distorted narratives in the form of messages are exchanged in thousands of groups and communities. The film references combined with political jokes have become the most popular pastime for many people including the older generation.

 Compared to a traditional form of media like Television and newspapers, Online platforms are said to reach a wider audience as it provides an opportunity for people to express their opinions and communicate their ideas, this, in turn, spikes their interest and keeps them engaged. A bunch of Hashtags on Twitter and Video songs on YouTube would pretty much do the job, for example, Parties like The Bhartiya Janatha and DMK and ADMK are the harbingers of digital campaigning, they have made use of all the resources available by displaying their strategies and promises with help of various IT (Information Technology) cells that help get information across

Current Trends and Memes:

Political parties have started putting up advertisements on OTT platforms and digital video as a growing number of populations are no longer reachable through normal television or radio. There is a window of opportunity for these advertisers to access their target audience on OTT as there is a high percentage of viewership and most youngsters spend almost 70% of their time watching movies thus giving rise to political competition and a successful campaign. 

 The emergence of new kinds of humor, enabled by information and communication has created a rage in recent years. Memes are a new form of political communication, and they have at least one of two aspects- they are inside jokes or they trigger an emotional reaction. The massive amount of data collected for making memes instigates various Internet searches and trends on hashtags making it viral So, A person who wants to successfully create a meme, therefore, needs to have a sufficient understanding of those technicalities and its digital norms

 Nevertheless, politicians should also realize that digital media now constitutes a very important medium of communicating to the general public. digital media are particularly helpful for reaching voters which may change the outcome of an election or help to carry an unnecessary political decision. But digital media use must be carefully used in a democratic process. It can force a politician to withdraw because of personal attacks or false rumors. Therefore, any political campaigning tool can be advantageous or disadvantageous

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