The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in the widespread closure of schools and educational institutions. Considering the fact that physical education would be unsafe, many schools have resorted to online education via platforms like Zoom and Google Classrooms and Teams. This has completely changed the course of normal learning for children across the globe giving them a different and interesting schooling experience. While Digital Learning may sound like a good option at first glimpse, but not all kids are cut out for this alternative method of Schooling. Online Learning has its pros and cons and understanding this would ensure more effective learning for kids

Pros of Online Learning:

There are several benefits to learning from home if the digital platforms are utilized wisely and to their fullest extent

  • There is no need for commute and time spent on traveling is lessened which makes it easy for kids to attend classes more actively
  • Online Learning is more cost-effective than traditional learning in terms of buying books or materials; everything is available on the internet with just a click of a button
  • Kids can study at their own pace according to their schedules with the help and support of their parents. This would make their learning environment more comfortable
  • Online sessions are also very interactive which helps the teacher and child to have a one-on-one conversation. Children who very shy by nature would be able to communicate in class more easily and efficiently without any inhibitions
  • Children are also taught day to day lessons with the help of videos, images, and audio-visual tools which makes the learning experience fun and have a better understanding of the topics




Cons of Online Learning:

As much as Digital learning sound fascinating, it has its disadvantages and can be a bane

  • Children sit before computer and tabloid screens for many hours together which can have an adverse effect on their health due to the radiation from electronic gadgets
  • Not all children have enough attention span to sit in one place and focus on class; There are more chances of  them getting distracted or becoming restless in a home setup
  • In a country where the majority population is poverty-stricken; Children do not have access to the internet or devices 
  • Online schooling can lead to a huge communication gap between the students, peers, and teachers. There is no personal connection between them like normal schools as a result child may lose social skills and discipline
  • Another disadvantage is that teachers who are new to technology struggle to conduct classes and the same applies to children who find it hard to familiarize themselves with online platforms

 The question of whether online learning is effective depends on the age group and method of teaching. But it a general observation that younger children do better in a School structure and traditional setup. Traditional Schools comparatively impart more values, self-discipline and encourage the kids to bring out their maximum potential. Even though this system is quite unconventional Online classes have become the need of the hour. The fact that these classes are keeping the kids engaged and allowing them to be more productive is  definitely a more positive sign

Technology is a mixed bag; It is a boon and a bane at the same time. It is up to the individual to approach it right and measure the extent of using it. Online classes are said to be the future of Education, so making use of the internet will prove to be a blessing. with the right planning and support system, Parents and teachers can ensure that their child can adapt to different scenarios and shape themselves according to the fast-changing world

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