Getting an instant loan through a mobile app becomes very easy without requiring much documentation. The verification of documents gets verified in a few hours and the loan gets approved on the same day.  So people are more interested in getting instant loans without knowing any further details about the mobile app.This becomes an advantage to unauthorised mobile loan apps and the interest is charged very high with additional hidden charges, non-transparent methods to calculate interest, and also collect personal data from customers mobile which violates privacy rights. Terms and conditions need to  be read with caution and  this unauthorized app does not have the regulatory supervision so they misuse the agreement as they need.

Before getting an instant loan the customers have to check for details such as the mobile loan app is registered under Non Banking Financial Company with RBI through this portal.This instant loan app are mostly ‘digital-only’ .Moreover, consumers should never share copies of KYC documents with unidentified persons, unverified/unauthorised Apps and should report such Apps/Bank Account information associated with the Apps to concerned law enforcement agencies or use Sachet portal to file an on-line complaint. 

If a customer did not pay the principal amount and interest within the said period the mobile instant app  employees threatens the customer through disclosing personal information and other information to relatives or neighbours and also Strong arm tactics to recover dues have led to suicides.The police officer and cyber criminal police are taking action against such unauthorized app CEOs and other related people to such apps. There is a big network who are working for this instant loan app where few people have been arrested by police and officials said there are links of china and indonesia citizens.

There are more number of unauthorized apps in google some apps are blocked by google due to violation of safety policy.Having undertaken a review of hundreds of loan apps on its Play Store, tech giant Google has identified several apps that have, reportedly, violated its safety policies, and moved quickly to suspend them from its platform. A large percentage of instant loan apps have the same software with different frounted and design. The chinese company brings this app through proxy directors in india.

This instant app collects personal information such as facial recognition data which is stored in chinese server through Artificial Intelligence. Reserve Bank of India does not have any proper regulatory guidelines for digital lending.Recently the central bank called for a new group to draft regulatory policy for digital lending apps which is registered under the Non Financial Banking sector.Ths banks and NBFCs engage digital lending platforms as their agents to source borrowers and or to recover dues, they must follow the following instructions which is mentioned under;

a) Names of digital lending platforms engaged as agents shall be disclosed on the website of banks/ NBFCs.

b) Digital lending platforms engaged as agents shall be directed to disclose upfront to the customer, the name of the bank/ NBFC on whose behalf they are interacting with him.

c) Immediately after sanction but before execution of the loan agreement, the sanction letter shall be issued to the borrower on the letter head of the bank/ NBFC concerned.

d) A copy of the loan agreement along with a copy each of all enclosures quoted in the loan agreement shall be furnished to all borrowers at the time of sanction/ disbursement of loans.

e) Effective oversight and monitoring shall be ensured over the digital lending platforms engaged by the banks/ NBFCs.

f) Adequate efforts shall be made towards creation of awareness about the grievance redressal mechanism.

But the above guidelines does not apply to digital lenders that remain unregistered. As per Section 45-1A of the RBI Act 1934, any non-banking financial enterprise requires registration to legally operate.  

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