A man in the middle attack is a type of cyber stack where a malicious person inserts himself into a conversation between two parties and gain access to the information that two parties were trying to send to each other. MIM tries to send and receive the data without the knowledge of the victims .this type of attack exploits the secrecy between the victims who transfers the data to others. MIM involves himself as a proxy between the communication of two persons. the hacker tries to gain funds or any public key from the conversation. Mostly financial sites will be logged or connections which is meant to be secured by public or private key or any other sites which requires login where there  is something to be gained. MTM is form of session hacking. Other forms of session hacking similar to  MTM are side jacking, evil twin ,sniffing.

Side jacking is the attack which involves to find any confidential matters and hijack the victims session cookies, where these cookies contain unencrypted login information even the site is secured. Evil town is a wi-fi network that appears to be a legitimate network where the victim unknowingly join the network as the hacker can be MTM who steals all the data through the network. In sniffing the hacker use a software which is readily available and intercept the data from being sent from to the victims device. This type of attack can be detected by two means authentication detection and tamper detection. Authentication provides that the message has been received from a legitimate source and tamper detection merely shows that if the message has been altered.

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