Twitter being one of most famous social media platforms has a huge rule to play in digital marketing and also connects people socially. Twitter is an extremely broad platform and has also helped in the growth of businesses in recent times.However, sometimes we are able to discover the toxic elements that come along with the benefits. The pros and cons of this workspace is specified below: 


Twitter is considered as a powerful social media tool- The messages and movements spread across through social media via twitter makes the people aware of what is going on much faster than the television media. This is mainly because of the presence of officials and leaders on twitter and when such people come to know of an ongoing issue, it becomes widespread and well known among the people. One of the biggest benefits of twitter is that it involves active participation of youngsters- In recent times, it can be noticed that youngsters are more involved to be a part of the political as well as social issues of the society. Twitter is one of main reasons for such a participation because a trending or burning issue on twitter makes the youngsters aware as well as provides its platform for their free opinion regarding the same. It creates some form of confidence among the youth of the country. 


The amount of awareness created is huge and viral across social media - In a social workspace like twitter, awareness about a social issue is created using very small messages or hashtags due to the ceiling on the no.of words for each tweet. This in turn makes it easier for people to read and understand due to the reason that they do not have to spend their time reading huge paragraphs which in turn also creates curiosity and instigates them for research about it later on. Keeping aside all the social benefits twitter being a free platform is a great economic choice for businessmen who use it for their businesses- Since it is free of cost to tweet about something on twitter, it is a great source of digital marketing and helps the people associated with businesses to reach a wider range of audience without any cost incurred upon them for the same. 

The efficiency of twitter can be seen through the enabling of a network of communication - If there is some ongoing social or regional issue, sometimes it might not reach the press, media or the police effectively. But through twitter, initially it becomes a trend to share the issue and later it comes to the notice of higher officials or leaders which later would make them respond to it. This creates attention from the news channels or reporters due to the efforts taken by a collective group of people passing over the information through tweets and re-tweets. Immediate action is taken towards such cases due to the wide involvement of youngsters and common people. Twitter helps in the creation of new relationships among the people from different parts of a hierarchical system in the country. Since it is a social media platform, there is not much of a bias and in turn it is just a probability and the luck of a normal citizen whose view might be taken into consideration by the leaders (for eg: response, comment or re-tweet by our Prime Minister about some ongoing issue posted by a normal citizen). This gives a fair chance and voice to all of them who raise their voices against social issues. 

Twitter enables the reunion of like minded people with their opinions and also provides a platform for the interaction of such people. If someone is trying to promote or publish a new content, book or a product, twitter is a great source for the reach of the same to the targeted audience since people who are interested with the specific type of books or product will be able to see this through the hashtag feature of twitter which makes the job of the seller much easier these days. 


Just as we looked at how beneficial twitter is, there are certain disadvantages created by this platform too. Firstly, I would like to emphasize on the cancel culture prevalent in the social media handles. This typically means that if there is an issue out on social media (herein twitter) the people accused of the issue are the ones “canceled”. This is formed due to the outburst created through twitter regarding heated up issues in the society. When a person is accused in public through twitter or such handles, it creates an agitation among several other people who are connected through the platform. Sometimes, this trigger makes the people blindly follow what has been said and they in turn start boycotting the accused without knowing the entire story behind the happening. This creates a biased opinion based on a single incident and also creates a chain of network wherein people following the trends of twitter ignore the facts of the case but in turn start focusing on canceling the individual involved in the controversy or issue that is brought up. 

People on twitter at times do get addicted to the sensations that this platform creates. Though there are a lot of informative tweets and issues spread through twitter, however an addiction or over involvement is not really healthy. It leads to excess consumption of time and also creates unnecessary problems. Along with this, twitter also faces the problem of spreading news via fake accounts. The cheating or harassment caused to the actual people under whom these fake accounts are created face an extremely difficult time trying to prove their innocence. Some celebrities also face difficulties or controversies that arise from the fan pages and it also causes a loss in reputation for the celebrity for whom it has been created. 

From the business point of view, every new businessman will not be in a position to gain followers instantly. Though twitter provides an easy platform for the showcase of products, it does not really give an immediate reach and it turn it requires sincere effort and patience to reap greater benefits. People carrying out their marketing activities through that should be ready to accept anything that comes in return from the audience of the platform as there are chances of the extremes to happen. Moreover, if a business man faces a loss or has some form of an issue with a customer, there are chances of twitter providing a platform for the client to express the grief which can backfire the owner due to the commotion it might create via hashtags and the retweets it might gain. 

The sensation and timely presence of twitter through its active nature on social media creates a pressure for consistent presence and only through this a social media influencer or an activist will be able to gain the support of audience. Tweets have gained maximum reach and interaction in the recent times but the main disadvantage of this platform is that it creates an equal space for the spread of negativity as much as it creates for positivity.It creates an unwanted pressure in the minds of people involved in it since everybody are not like minded and we never know how each person handles negativity. Therefore, the suitability and diverse thoughts among different people might create difference in opinions. 

Twitter, apart from being just a social media platform at times takes an upper hand in serving justice. Looking at a single tweet or a narration people do get carried away and start believing that this was the exact happening of an incident. People also start posting about how the accused has to be punished and they start listing out their own wishes of punishing an accused without keeping in mind about the fair trial procedures. Various provisions have been created for the maintenance of law and order but the social media trials create a pressure on the officials and it starts to form a one sided opinionamong the people. The decisions taken later on by the court does not prove satisfactory to the people due to their pre-conceived notion regarding the issue and the facts of the case. 

The limitation of words for a tweet in twitter does make it look brief and neat but also creates a lack of information that is being delivered. Due to the word limit, people do not take efforts to explain an issue completely and this half baked issue keeps passing on through a network and people start believing that this is the entire news and they do not make adequate research to know about the same. Only a person with strong writing skills will be able to successfully convey the message but otherwise it makes the audience disinterested and the information brought out will not travel further. Therefore, the platform demands for a strong opinionated and well drafted message which would help to attract audience. 

People should be aware to retain a balance in the tweets they post and should refrain themselves from passing on junk or trash information because this might create a trouble to their future as everyone in the platform comes to know about the mishaps that might arise. As the no.of users keep increasing, it also creates a sense of social responsibility and pressure due to the large volume of people it holds. This also calls for the credibility of the information that is questioned due to the widespread activity of publishing non authentic information through the online community. 

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