Social Engineering is extracting the personal information by the users effort like creating a situation to them to give their personal information.  Social engineering is obtaining direct access to the particular website without hacking or breaking the security system. Social engineering is simply called Human hacking. It is like they can handle the people and they gain their trust and get their sensitive information from them. It cannot be hacked by any particular code. It just need a phone and INTERNET connection. Social engineering is a successful way for the criminals to get inside the organization. If the social engineers have the passwords to access the sensitive information then it can be taken by them in a easy manner.  The attacks be in five forms baiting, scareware, pretexting, phishing and spear phishing. Baiting explains about user’s greed and curiosity by giving fake promises and they get the personal access to the users account by installing the malware.

            It can be done through physical media by installing the malware CD Roms into system. Scareware is that the hackers create a false alarm and threats and make the user to install the malware and they can easily hack the user account. Pretexting is like the hacker insist the user to do a critical task and gains the personal information of the user. Phishing is the process of sending scams to the user and asked them to click the link which had a direct access to the malware. Spear phishing is the most updated version of phishing. The social engineers will stalk the entire details of the organization one month before entering into the particular organization and researches about the company’s employees phone number and the full detailed information about the workers in social networking sites.

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