Sports betting have been popular throughout the world. Sports betting becomes an Internet gambling. Sports betting is a kind of wagering contract on a particular sport or team or player. It is nothing but predicting the results before the announcement. It can be on a sports person and it is also on a realistic events like election and reality shows and also on non athletic events like horse racing etc. Sports betting can be done legally or illegally. It can done through bookmaker legally and bookies in a private run enterprise illegally. Bookmaker is the one who take bets in horse races etc. In India any kind of wagering or betting is  Illegal under Public gambling act 1867.Betting or gambling is illegal in most of the india. But there is no special act for the on line gambling. So it becomes a great advantage to many companies to gain their self profit.

Where RBI decides the export of money for gambling to one country to another country illegal. The majority of the bookmakers are  found in on line. The primary integration of sports betting is to win additional money. Betting has two outcomes either the better has to win or loss. In many countries book making is regulated but not criminalized. So still gambling has been working throughout the world and across the world


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