A student, Zain Qaiser, had posted a lot of advertisments in pornograpghy websites which were widely spread in the major pornograpghy websites in the UK. When someone clicks on the advertisement a person would be directed to a ransomware link if the computer’s security is not protected by up-to-date anti virus.The ransomware appeared in the form of an FBI warning which stated that unless the payment(100-200 pounds) is made, the computer won't unlock itself and that the user would have ...

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Two Employees of the CISCO Talos’ Cyber Security Division found that there were groups in facebook that were openly giving out bank credentials for money and some other groups that gave hacking and phishing services, paid. These groups were operating in facebook and had around 385000 followers to it. The employees from Cisco along with the internal security division of Facebook had dealt with this case jointly. The groups were shut down by Facebook as it was against the social norms on ...

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This is a company from UK that employs hackers, who are generally in their teenage,  who are capable of reform. This company gives them a second chance to use their skills to prevent hacking and for enhancing cyber security. This company consists mostly of kids who were caught hacking and stealing personal information, but did not have any personal gain or malicious intent. This company is about giving second chances to such kids.These hackers are involved in Grey hat as well as white ha...

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A Romanian was arrested in south Delhi for stealing money from ATMs in South Delhi through a card skimming device. Lupoi Emil confessed that he flew from Romania to steal money to support his family’s luxurious lifestyle. He was caught by the police when he was trying to put a card-skimming device to Yes Bank ATM. This was found by a cyber team of the police when they received several complaints regarding illegal withdrawals from the ATM.   ...

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A website of a power distribution company was hacked, using a ransomware which demanded six Bitcoins (Rs.20 lakhs).The website was however brought to normalcy and there was no breach of data.   This incident occurred when an employee from the company opened an email, due to which the ransomware swept into the servers and the website was hacked. Since the network of computers also included the computers from Andhra pradesh , this ransomware appeared over there also. ...

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In the instant case the winner of a T.V show The Voice Kids Russia,had won the show which chose the winners the through votes , from mobile phones. While the other contestants won only 3000 votes, Mikella Abernova won 30000 votes. It was later discovered that the contestant had won the show by using automated bots by sending over 8000 messages from 300 phones. The fact that bots was used to cast the votes were found out because the phone numbers had a sequence. The winner was the daughter of ...

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