In internet ,email bomb is a form of abuse which sends a huge number of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox or diffuse the  server where the email address is subjected to denial of service attack. the three types of email bombing are mass mailing, list linking and zip bombing. Mass mailing consists of sending a several duplicate mails to the same email address. These mail are in simple design but can be easily detected as spam. The mass mailing use botnet to send out m...

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Wire fraud is a fraud which is committed through the use of wires, or electronic means. Wire fraud may be committed through wires, television or radio communications or the internet. The hacker contacts the victim through any of the electronic means and get the personal and financial details of the person. Wire transfer fraud are used to move funds from one account to another. these electronic wire transfers can be used to move money between banks ,pay bills or send money to another person or bu...

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When a stranger contacts the victim and ask him to pay an admin fee to help him move a large amount of money from one country to another with the promise that he will be rewarded with the certain percentage in the amount transferred. these email can involve countries such as Iraq, south Africa, west Africa , Nigeria, where the name 419 arrived. The fraudster contacts the victim by phone , email saying that they need the victims help to move the money and give the reason why they cant transfer th...

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Mandate fraud is when the fraudster asks you to directly debit the money into the new account  by advertising the victim which resembles everything an organisation adverts for example a subscription or membership of an organisation. the victim mostly receives a email from a monthly magazine company which provides details of new bank account .the victim does everything as stated in the email and does not get any magazine in the following month and when the victim ask the magazine company the...

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Inheritance fraud is when the victim is told that someone rich has died and the victim is in line to receive a huge inheritance. the fraudster claims him as a lawyer and sends email officially that the  person sharing your family name has died and left behind a vast amount of money. The lawyer to get attention of the victims says that he is unable to trace any relatives of the person and the money will go to the government. the lawyer suggests that  as the victim has the family name of...

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Health and medical scams are often happened after they receive an email or when the victim see’s advertisement promising miracle tablets and other medical cures that offer unbelievable results. These frauds involve health and medical related products and services that appear to be legitimate .the fraudsters make the victim believe that their products are of good quality and extremely cheap and miracle will happen after consuming their products. Most products are advertised for the diseases...

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