Wiki leaks is a non profit organization which leaks all the secret information of the government in their official page .It is founded by the publisher Julian Assange in 2006. It releases a lot of documents related to the recent events. It has published 10 million documents so far. The main goal of the wiki leaks is to ‘inform every information to the public’.Wiki leaks considered to be unstable and cant able to determine whether it is legal or illegal. But founder of this website co...

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Sports betting have been popular throughout the world. Sports betting becomes an Internet gambling. Sports betting is a kind of wagering contract on a particular sport or team or player. It is nothing but predicting the results before the announcement. It can be on a sports person and it is also on a realistic events like election and reality shows and also on non athletic events like horse racing etc. Sports betting can be done legally or illegally. It can done through bookmaker legally and boo...

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A man in the middle attack is a type of cyber stack where a malicious person inserts himself into a conversation between two parties and gain access to the information that two parties were trying to send to each other. MIM tries to send and receive the data without the knowledge of the victims .this type of attack exploits the secrecy between the victims who transfers the data to others. MIM involves himself as a proxy between the communication of two persons. the hacker tries to gain funds or ...

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A Denial of Service attack is made to deny access to authorised users of a particular website or server or database. It is a made with a malicious intent by hackers in order to prevent access to the website ranging from few hours to days. A Denial of service attack is done by a hacker with one single system by exploiting the TCP/IP of the server. In a DoS attack the resources of the server are used up to such an extent that it crashes the whole server and prevents any authorised user from access...

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Social Engineering is extracting the personal information by the users effort like creating a situation to them to give their personal information.  Social engineering is obtaining direct access to the particular website without hacking or breaking the security system. Social engineering is simply called Human hacking. It is like they can handle the people and they gain their trust and get their sensitive information from them. It cannot be hacked by any particular code. It just need a phon...

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Plagiarists are those whose steal and pass off the creativity of others as their own creation where there has been copyright given to the particular site .there are different forms of plagiarism which are the potluck paper where the writer use different sources and compile them up to create a new article where only few sentences and paragraphs are changed, the photocopy is where some particular portion are taken exactly without making any alteration, the self-stealer isn’t a offence but th...

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