Suspicious Activity: Unusual Transaction Patterns: Rapid high-volume trades, frequent address changes, or unusual login activity can be flagged. Connection to Darknet Activities: If a platform detects that coins coming into an account are linked to illegal activities on the darknet, it may freeze the account. Platform Rules and Policies: Breaking Terms of Service: Each trading platform has its own rules. Engaging in activities like attempting to manipulate the...

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There are several reasons why accounts involved in cryptocurrency trading might be frozen. These reasons range from regulatory and legal concerns to internal platform-specific issues. Here are some common reasons: Regulatory Concerns: AML (Anti-Money Laundering): Financial institutions and trading platforms have obligations to monitor transactions for signs of money laundering. Suspicious transactions, especially large ones without a clear source of funds, can lead to account freezes. ...

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In addition to the compliance requirements already applicable to intermediaries under the Intermediary Guidelines, the Amendment Rules impose extra compliance requirements particularly on Online Gaming Intermediaries who provide access to permissible real money games (each an “RM Intermediary”).  Some of the key requirements applicable to RM Intermediaries are as follows: having a physical contact address in India (the details of which are required to be published on ...

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Online Gaming Intermediaries will now have to ensure that they do not host or allow any third party to host through their platforms any online real money game that has not been verified as a permissible online real money game.  As a result, Indian users will now be able to distinguish between genuine real money games and fraudulent ones.  This is a significant step towards legitimizing online games, including real money games, and has the potential to significantly increase t...

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Self Regulatory Organisations will determine whether an online game is permissible or not, based on whether it involves wagering or betting. Three SROs will be initially notified, but the government can add more later. The new rules also dictate that SROs include an educationist, an expert in the field of psychology or mental health, and an individual who is or has been a member or officer of an organisation dealing with the protection of child rights. The Ministry of Electronics and IT ...

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Digital or Virtual currencies that function without a central bank and use cryptography for security are known as crypto currencies. They are built on the block chain technology, where a network of computers records all transactions. Crypto currencies are typically created through a process called mining, where powerful computers solve difficult mathematical problems to validate and record transactions on the block chain. This is in contrast to traditional fiat currencies, which are iss...

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