The fraudsters send official-looking letters or email and requesting the customer to pay money or any important information regarding the bank. Those letters made the customer to believe that the respective letters are from a reputed government organization and ask them to register and will grab the bank details from the customer to repay the tax rebate. In some instances, they made the customer to pay the tax by saying the if they pay they might win a lottery.  It is difficult to find the ...

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 The payment which is made to a holiday website and at the last point it does not exist is known as holiday scams. The customer should not reply to any unwanted emails, texts or social media related to any holiday offers. The reply should lead to unwanted malicious software. If the customer wants to book a holiday hotel they can book directly to the reputed airlines. They must be a member of the Association of British travel agents. The fraudsters may ask the credit card or debit card detai...

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Electricity scams are introduced to reduce customers utility. Electricity fraud explains about the frauds happens in energy division. The customer receive a offer for example if the payment is Rs.50 and the offer must be Rs.25  so the customer pay the cut down offer and the energy divison informs  the customer to  pay the actual bill.So the customer have to pay double the amount. Criminals use a similar key to top up the energy cells illegally. The customer should not get electric...

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The ticket which is purchased from on-line to a movie, music concert, sport either the tickets don’t arrive or turn to be fake or refunded is called ticket fraud. The user can find a website in any random pages regarding tickets offer to a movie or an event. The fraudsters create their own fake page in a genuine way and it looks as similar as real ticket offering website. The fake pagers establishes the ticket which is already sold out  or not officially went in to the hands of the ti...

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Wiki leaks is a non profit organization which leaks all the secret information of the government in their official page .It is founded by the publisher Julian Assange in 2006. It releases a lot of documents related to the recent events. It has published 10 million documents so far. The main goal of the wiki leaks is to ‘inform every information to the public’.Wiki leaks considered to be unstable and cant able to determine whether it is legal or illegal. But founder of this website co...

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Sports betting have been popular throughout the world. Sports betting becomes an Internet gambling. Sports betting is a kind of wagering contract on a particular sport or team or player. It is nothing but predicting the results before the announcement. It can be on a sports person and it is also on a realistic events like election and reality shows and also on non athletic events like horse racing etc. Sports betting can be done legally or illegally. It can done through bookmaker legally and boo...

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