Types of crimes happening through Whatsapp WhatsApp being a social media platform, a lot of cyber-crimes happen through it. According to the National Investigation Agency, every sixth cybercrime in India is committed through social media. The following are the most common cybercrimes that happens through WhatsApp –  Pornography - One of the most used platform to publish and transmit obscene materials is WhatsApp. Section 67 criminalises publishing or transmitting of obsc...

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is statutory legislation under US Law that protects and safeguards information relating to Healthcare. Any information of the Patient or medical records is kept in confidentiality in both physical and electronic forms. Many Indian Companies are well versed and aware of the regulations as they are working towards forming associations to comply with the HIPAA Act. These guidelines have been issued throughout the globe for the purpose of data ...

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Online Payments are increasingly becoming popular and have experienced tremendous growth in the past couple of years. The ease in making payments, quick access, and many offers has made it more convincing and attractive. People all over the world are moving towards digital payment from plastic money to the extent where hot cash seems to have lost its value these days. It all started with Net Banking and VPA which was used in abundance in the initial years of payments but with the emergence of Un...

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Stock photography is a platform where a plethora of images clicked by a photographer is available to be licensed by paying an amount to the person who produced the photo and the agency which makes use of it in different ways. The original author or owner has exclusive right over his/her work hence holds the copyright of the work. These images a generally used for commercial purposes, personal purposes, and on social media. Photography is a very important element in politics; especially since the...

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With the surge of Digital Media, Political parties have started exploring alternative methods of campaigning and mobilizing the public. The reliance on social media and other online platforms has increased significantly as Political Parties are in constant campaign mode and conducting live Indian Rallies. Social Media platforms are used to influence and persuade the masses and other organizations by propagating party agendas and schemes. Digital Media has opened the door of opportunities to thes...

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in the widespread closure of schools and educational institutions. Considering the fact that physical education would be unsafe, many schools have resorted to online education via platforms like Zoom and Google Classrooms and Teams. This has completely changed the course of normal learning for children across the globe giving them a different and interesting schooling experience. While Digital Learning may sound like a good option at first glimpse, but not all ...

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