The internet has continuously been one of the greatest phenomenon ever since the beginning of the 21st century all over the globe. Its boom has significantly increased as a result of this pandemic and along with it, the number of people reliant on the internet has exponentially shot up. Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., also including video sharing applications such as Youtube and Tiktok have witnessed a great amount of growth in the number of users.  ...

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  Video games have captured the imagination of the masses since before the beginning of the 21st century. Many children, teens, and even adults have become enthralled by the world of gaming. While, earlier it was seen as a new pastime and a source of little entertainment, newer games, improved graphics and the advent of the internet age, the world of video games has engulfed people of all age groups into its grasp. While, not all researchers (and even some parents) agree that video games...

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How to identify fake accounts in Facebook  There are a number of techniques to spot a fake Facebook account, but none of them are conclusive evidence that the account is false.  1. Profile Picture – The profile picture often explains a lot about an account. A single profile picture could help us distinguish between an active user or not. If the account has a single profile picture, then it shall raise a question. Further, most of the fake accounts have either no profile pic...

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One would believe that, in a day of increasing technological improvements in business techniques, the security of those resources is mostly based on technical controls and programming algorithms. While the technical aspect of security is vital, there is one weakness that cannot be addressed through technology. That vulnerability is specific to a particular element that is unavoidably important in any company's day-to-day operations. This vital component is the human employee, who is vulnerab...

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  The term "social media" refers to a set of platforms for sharing and debating information that are based on the internet and mobile phones. It is a platform that combines technology, telecommunications, and social contact to allow people to communicate using words, photographs, videos, and music. Web-based and mobile technologies are employed in social media to convert communication into an interactive discussion.  Social Media can be broadly divided into following ca...

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The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (the "Intermediary Rules") will fundamentally alter how Indians use the internet. While Part I of the Intermediary Rules primarily defines terms, Parts II and III of the Intermediary Rules contain the actual compliances and requirements. The regulation of intermediaries, including social media intermediaries, is the subject of Part II. Messaging-related intermediaries, such as WhatsApp, Signa...

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