During the current lockdown, digital dependency has grown in over 65% of the youth population of the country. States like Allahabad have set up mobile de-addiction centers and are said to have received over 20 calls in 2 weeks from parents worried about the change in the behaviors and conduct of their children who appear to be addicted to their mobiles.   As convenient mobiles and smartphones are, it is necessary to draw boundaries to protect ourselves from psychological challenges....

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“Today’s humans do not need terrorists to disrupt peace in the world – they are doing it themselves quite well.” ― Abhijit Naskar, The Gospel of Technology The world has completely changed in less than half of a year. A pandemic has paused our lives as we slowly began to succumb to it and us humans are still uncertain of when and how we will win this battle. Billions of people are made to stay home and not step out of the house to prevent the further sprea...

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Smart phones and mobiles have become an integrated part of our daily life making a prominent impact on our lifestyle. Almost 94% of Indian citizens own a mobile phone and the bite sized innovative software programs known as applications play a dominant role in charming people to own a phone.  Mobile applications are those created by business so that their consumers can easily access them and carry them wherever they go. Out of 2,97,927 apps, 24% of them is said to be owned by Indian publ...

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The cyber space and digital environment have been growing and maturing rapidly in the last decade. The tremendous boom in the cyber security, e-commerce and e-government are the biggest gamechangers in human mankind especially during the current pandemic situation in the world. The entire digital spectrum is redefining business and their strategies. Although, many activities are being digitalized there are several challenges to be faced.  In 2020, there has been a quantum leap in use of ...

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Because of the lockdown we all are forced to stay inside our home so we tend to buy even our day to day requirements such as groceries, vegetables, fruits, snacks only through online e-commerce sites. Whileso, a businessman had ordered certain snacks through online and the same was delivered to him but after the delivy boy left the home he had noticed that a snack item worth of Rs.400 was missing. Immediately he thought of calling the customer care and searched the same via Google. But instead o...

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Usually when you install WhatsApp in your mobile phone, WhatsApp would send a verification code to verify if you are the real owner of the mobile phone number that you have entered and it is done automatically by its company. But in recent times there are several cases where, the scammers are sending you a WhatsApp code and a link. When you tend to click the link then you are confirming that it is you on behalf of the criminal/scammer. By this method, the user can lose control of their WhatsA...

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