What is Private Key and Public Key ?

Ans. Private key is the key which creates a digital signature to an electronic record. It has to be corresponding to the public key listed in the Digital Signature Certificate, and it is kept confidential by the subscriber.

Public key is the key which verifies a digital signature which is affixed by the private key, and it is listed in the Digital Signature Certificate. This key is made freely available to the public and the Certifying Authority.

What is Digital Signature ?

Ans. When an electronic record needs to be authenticated, Digital Signature is affixed to it by means of asymmetric cryptosystem and hash function. Hash Function is nothing but a computer programming algorithm mapping by which the information is translated from one sequence of bits to another, and the latter is known as hash result.

What are Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography ?

Ans. In Symmetric cryptography only one secret key, which can be words or numbers or characters, is used to encrypt and decrypt an electronic record or a particular message. The sender and the receiver both should know about that key to respectively form and retrieve the message.

In Asymmetric cryptography two keys are used, one is kept confidential by the person who is affixing the encryption to an electronic record or message, known as private key, and the other is distributed generally to the public for decrypting such record or message in order to retrieve it, known as public key.

Asymmetric cryptosystem takes more time than symmetric but is more secure.

What is Cryptography ?

Ans. Cryptography is the process by which any information is transformed into cipher text or code, which can’t be read by an individual apart from the intended recipient that is also when the recipient holds the secret key to unlock or decipher such information. Cryptography is meant for security purposes.

What is Digital Forensics ?

Ans. Digital Forensics is a broad term which encompasses the aspects of cyber forensics; where Computer Forensics is a part of digital forensics which deal with only computer related crimes. Mobile Forensics, Network Forensics etc are parts of digital forensics.

What is Cyber Forensics ?

Ans. Cyber Forensics is a generic term. It is the process by which evidences that are found in any computer or communication device or any sorts of digital media are recovered and investigated by means of acquiring, examining or analyzing, to make such evidences in a presentable form before the court of law.

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