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What is Virtual World ?

Ans. Virtual world is formed of metaphoric, symbolic representations of information which the computer program functions, and data moves between individuals in order to make them interact with each other in a simulated environment.

What is Cyber Space ?

Ans. Cyber Space is the environment or domain that has arisen due to the use of internet, by means of which communication and exchange of data between different computer networks are done across the globe.

Whether cyber offences are punishable under law ?

Ans. Yes, cyber crime is one of the most emerging trends of offences in the modern world, and it is punishable under different statutes in different countries. The punishment can be either civil or criminal in nature.

Is the nature of cyber crime as grievous as other conventional crimes ?

Ans. Yes, it can be even more grievous at times. In this type of crime, by just sitting in front of computer criminals can execute certain skill-sets, huge sum of money can be stolen from an individual bank acount. His debit or credit card can be hacked, or his other account’s passwords can be cracked creating a threat to his privacy, or defamatory articles about someone can be spread to millions of users across the world in matter of seconds. In case of national security, any of the government portal or website can be made useless and ineffective. Physical connection between the offender and the victim is nowhere required in this type of crime. All of these issues make cyber crime even more grievous at times than the other conventional crimes.

How cyber crime is different from other conventional crimes ?

Ans. Cyber crime is different from the conventional crimes by means of the fact that for cyber crime to be committed, computer or internet must be a tool or target or both, i.e. it happens through electronic medium. Here the mens rea is that the offender must be aware at the time of his action that the access he intended to secure was unauthorized.

What is Cyber Crime ?

Ans. Cyber crime is a fraudulent act or attempt by an individual with the use of a computer as a tool or target or both, intending to cause the victim to suffer loss of any kind, which leads to penal liability of the offender. It can be both computer crime (where a computer is targeted), or computer-related crime (where any criminal act is committed by means of computer).

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