Audio & Video Forensics

With the assistance of state of the art forensic tools Audios & Videos can be repaired or recovered from damaged media or damaged recording device. In order to recover the files it may need fixing back together or put into a new audio/video housing to recover the audio or video.

In today's digital world, CDs, DVDs, Mobile Phones, Portable Cameras and other sources of digital Media and recording devices can be damaged by Heat, Misuse, the environmental conditions of a crime scene or simply on purpose by an offender. Even in these situations, the digital files can be Recovered and used for analysis.

The report is usually provided to the investigator or person who submitted the evidence for examination. The examination report may provide the following details:

  • The nature of the request
  • The results that were obtained
  • Dates and Time stamps those were visible
  • Identification of the format/type of audio/video
  • The type of processing that was performed
  • Description of the subjects, if visible
  • Description of the final product provided (e.g., Deleted Audios or Video Recording)
  • Limitations in the examination

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