Search and Seizure Operations

Seizure of computers and related peripherals is not always the practical approach without preliminary investigation. A cyber crime investigator has to decide whether it is prudent to seize or to complete the investigation at the scene.

Seizing and carrying out the investigation off-site would involve proper packaging and transporting of the computers and accessories, reassembling them at the laboratory and then recreating the network or configuration. This can be a complex and sensitive issue and hence the cyber crime investigator must bear the following in mind before taking the decision on whether to confiscate and then investigate or whether to investigate on-site.

We would assist you in conducting preliminary investigation and advice on the actions to be taken in order to carry out the search and seizure operations.

  • What to Seize
  • When to Seize
  • Volume of evidence to be Seized
  • Technical issues involved in Seizing
  • Infrastructure issues
  • Chain of custody

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