A facebook group called the Ligue Du LOL was involved in trolling and cyberbullying women, LGBT community and other minorities. This group consisted of famous journalists and people from the media, of France. This group was closed and most of its members came out of this group in 2012. But some of the members still continued the to troll and cyberbully minorities. After an internet poll from a famous media website in France , ‘Did Ligue Du LOL really exist?’ it was found that all ...

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A malaysian kid posted a poll on her Instagram ‘Please help me. Should I D/L’. The answer to the poll was 69% for D. D meant Die and L meant Live. She also posted a status in facebook which she had mentioned she wanted to quit, and that she was tired of life. After seeing the poll on instagram, she jumped out of the rooftop of the building.   The girl had suffered mental health issues because she was not not happy with her father marrying another woman. This was the first ti...

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Cameron Board, had been stalking the victim for about five years. He found out the location of her house, from the location of her photos the victim posted on Instagram. On investigation it was found out that he went to her street to confirm the address. Broad created fake accounts of the victim and started sending sexual messages to people who talked to those fake account.  He had given the address to a certain person who knocked on the door of the victim , where the victim and the part...

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Jessica Nordquist, a girl from London, was convicted for Cyber stalking and false accusation against her ex-boyfriend. Jessica dated Mark weeks for a brief period. Aggravated by their break up, she created fake instagram account to harass Mark weeks, faked her own kidnapping and also accused Mark for rape and impregnating her. She had written a kidnap note and left it at her london home. She had also sent an email consisting of photos of her tied up and naked to her friends, family and colleague...

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A group of conmen in a remote village in Jharkhand, were caught for money laundering. They called people from various parts of the country , claiming to be their bankers and demanded that they tell the personal information or they would have their bank account suspended. This is called in ‘vishing’. These conmen called people who were gullible to their threatening. These conmen obtained credentials such as OTP/ATM pin, net banking passwords and then used this information, to eithe...

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An Indian origin man along with 3 other hackers, created a Mirai botnet, a malware that connects the hosts device with the any other devices that uses the internet such a webcam, mobile phone, PC etc to connect with 100,000 by infecting them the malware and shut down several websites. However these offenders were only given probation. They were asked to give community service and be of assistance to the FBI and law enforcement , since they had skills that can be used to enhance cyber security...

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