Online Reputation Management

In the digital world everybody keeps the copy of them in virtual form. This may be appreciated rather be criticized but should be sensitized about the grey areas of such virtual life. The smart phones glued in every human body as virtual artificial limb can't be eradicated.

Corporates also plays a major role in this virtual world. Marketing is easier as well as the reach is unimaginable. The promotions get viral in social networking sites within few hours.

Beside these positive aspects of the digital world it inherently possesses the grey area where everything gets succumbed in a simple social media posting.


  • Reputed company's Food contains toxic worms.
  • Celebrity eloped with car driver.

This could ruin their good will, reputation and business drastically, though the recovery is fast the financial loss incurred is huge.

What we do

  • Periodic Report of Reviewed Data.
    • What are people talking about?
    • When did these conversations happen?
    • Where did these conversations happen?
    • Who is talking and what's their influence?
    • Why are conversations happening? Are they Positive or Negative?
  • Identification of Fake and Bogus Identities and Profiles.
  • Mitigation process of removal of fake identities and profiles.
  • Mitigation process to remove inappropriate contents posted against the individual/ entity.

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