Email Tracing & Investigation

Emails are increasingly being used for business communications, Online transactions and Social communications. Offences whether financial, banking or social committed with the help of an email can be investigated and traced. There are many type of email offences exists, and email is an inexpensive and popular method for attacking potential victims.

The victim's email should be examined carefully. Sometimes, criminals may use proxy serves to send emails in order to mislead the investigation. The cooperation of the email service provider is required to obtain the postal address of the corresponding IP addresses used to carry out the offence. Sometimes the investigation may lead to a cyber café or open wifi or other public computer. In this situation conventional investigation can be used.


With the tremendous increase in the use of e-commerce, online banking and online share trading, there has been a corresponding growth in the incidents of phishing being used to carry out financial frauds. Phishing involves fraudulently acquiring sensitive information (e.g. online banking passwords, credit card details, debit card details etc) by camouflaged as a trusted entity.

Most phishing operations are carried out from countries where cyber laws are not enforced. In such cases, the investigation may not lead to the suspects.

In case the phishing activity is traced to India or some other country where cyber laws are enforced, then the suspect's identity can be traced using the IP addresses.


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