IT Act Audit & Compliance

The enactment and notification of the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 has significantly strengthened the data protection regime in India. Section 43A of IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 mandates ‘Body Corporates’ to implement ‘Reasonable Security Practices’ for protecting the ‘Sensitive Personal Information’ of any Individual, failing which they are liable to pay Damages to the aggrieved person

Indian businesses today are leveraging contemporary technologies to deliver world class services and products, both in domestic and international markets and the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 provides a promotional legal framework for addressing the technology risks and for enhancing business growth.

This development is also very significant, particularly for ensuring sustained growth of the Indian outsourcing industry as it assures the clients and regulators abroad that India is a secure destination for outsourcing, and has a legal framework in place for providing remediation in case of any data breaches.

We would conduct Information Technology Audit & assist you in its Compliance by framing industrial standard in-house rules with tailor made solutions.

  • Defining Sensitive Personal Data or Information Rules
  • Blocking for Access of Information by Public Rules
  • Intermediaries Guidelines Rules
  • Monitoring and Collecting Data Traffic or Information Rules
  • Interception, Monitoring and Decryption of Information Rules

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