Cyber Adjudication

Cyber Adjudication is purely civil in nature and the Adjudicating officer has the power to hold an inquiry in the manner prescribed. Cyber Adjudicating office is equivalent to Civil Court exclusively to handle the contravention under Information Technology Act.

An application for Adjudication can be filed at the Adjudication office for any unauthorized access to the information residing inside the computer, computer systems, computer network and email accounts attributable to a particular individual or organization resulting in a wrongful loss to the applicant.

Remedies Available

  • Compensation can be claimed towards loss of profits due to the competitive edge gained by offender through his wrongful access, diversion, and misappropriation of the Confidential Information.
  • Compensation can be claimed for applicant's   investment in the development of their computer system, the value of which has been diminished by the loss of its confidentiality.
  • Compensation can be claimed for loss of business opportunities including present customers and future solicitation of prospective customers by the offender with the hijacked confidential information.
  • Compensation for mental agony.
  • Other Expenses incurred in connection to the incident.

An appeal from the order of Adjudication office can be filed at Cyber Appellate Tribunal.


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