Unauthorized Access & Hacking

Unauthorized Access or Hacking is nothing but unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network. It is the most popularize form and commonly known cyber crime. The legal definition of ‘Hacking’ in India is of the widest amplitude. Like other criminal offences, hacking also requires mens rea i.e. intent or knowledge for causing wrongful loss or damage.

With hackers becoming more organized and increasingly motivated by profit, theft of secured data and leakage of sensitive information have stimulated the corporates as well as individuals to cyber security. In recent trends anyone can become a hacker and hacking is largely possible because of free tools disguised as network tools available on the Internet. In data security, a hacker is a person who specializes in work with the security mechanisms for computer and network systems.

Mobile Phones and Smart Phones are the latest and largest targets of the hackers in recent trends. Indications are that these attacks on Smart Phones had proven even more prolific than those against computer or laptops because there are so many mobile phones than the computers.


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