Mobile Phone usage Policies

A large number of corporate loses are taking place due to theft of confidential information. Substantial amount of theft is by using the Mobile Phones and Communication Devices.

  • The Cameras in the Mobile phones are used as scanners to scan the office documents
  • The usage of mobile phones in the work place is Disruptive
  • Information security is compromised and provides way for Hijacking of Confidential Information/li>
  • Modern employees work long hours, leaving their houses before dawn and returning well into the night. For the sake of workplace morale and staff retention, you should allow some mobile phone communication between employees and their family members.
  • Provision governing camera phones, which present an increasing risk to companies. Intellectual property, trade secrets, personal customer information, or other confidential data can be captured and used easily with a camera phone. Privacy of other employees. Employees may have their picture taken in private areas, and may be able to sue your company for invasion of privacy.
  • Do & Dont's for Mobile use in the premise could be added in Code of Conduct of Company's HR manual...
  • Every person employed by your company should review and sign your policy. This includes new, old, temporary, and permanent employees, managers, supervisors, full-time professionals, part-time staff, independent contractors, and freelancers

We would assist your organization in drafting mobile phone usage policies according to the industrial standards and thereby protect your valuable assets i.e information.


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