Revenge Pornography


Any content that is obscene or sexually explicit is considered as pornography but there is no settled definition for pornography or obscenity.

Pornography on the Internet is available in different formats. These range from pictures and short animated movies, to sound files and stories. The Internet also makes it possible to discuss sex, see live sex acts, and arrange sexual activities from computer screens.

Although the Indian Constitution guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression, it has been held that a law against obscenity is constitutional. The Supreme Court has defined obscene as “offensive to modesty or decency; lewd, filthy, repulsive.

Revenge Pornography

Revenge Pornography is one of the most dangerous threats to online modesty or reputation problems. It happens when a person wants to take revenge against another person especially a women or girls. They make use of your identity and communicate using your real name and photograph as a sexually explicit person especially pretend to be a call girl or immoral women.

The person who wants to take revenge against you could either hack into your real accounts; or just create fake profiles or comments purporting to be “you”. The motivation behind the act may be to tarnish your morality in public. These revenge activities are mostly done by ex-boy friend or ex-husband, sadists or who wants you to submit yourself for their greedy. The damage to moral value caused by online pornography can be substantial and hard to cope with.

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