Vulnerability Testing

An information or data is a definable piece of asset stored in any manner is recognized as valuable intellectual property of the organization.

With the raising numbers of threats in the cyberspace, there is indeed a strong need for instituting vulnerability test within the organization.

As a result vulnerability testing the organization can prevent serious loss/theft of their data structure, confidential information, business strategy, marketing strategy, technical information. They would be also in a position to identify espionage, eavesdropping and other means of illegal leakage of sensitive information.

The weakest segments of the organization's computer network systems, its loopholes can be identified and securities patches can be installed in order prevent the organization's critical information infrastructure being attacked by cyber criminals.

Vulnerabilities can also be identified in software applications procured from third-party vendors or from an internally developed software applications but most of these security issues can be fixed straightforwardly once it is identified.


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