Mobile Phone & SMS Crimes

Reports show that people are more often attacked while they're distracted by their Smart phone. The other side of Mobile Phone world is that many people are now carrying little expensive computers in their bags and pockets which contain all their personal data i.e. called the Smart Phone. Now, smart phones have become the new wallets for most of the purchases and payments. These mobile wallets are vulnerable than the online banking system.

Subscription Fraud

Use of forged documents to purchase new mobile connections. Your ID proof and address proof may also be used by criminals to purchase new connections. When any crime happens using the said mobile connectivity then you will be liable for that offence.

Mobile Stalking

Mobile Stalking generally involves harassing phone calls or SMS or images, abusive phone calls, excessive phone calls sending abusive SMS messages, sending excessive SMS messages or Whatsapp images, or Vandalizing a person's profile image. The act of tracing a person can also be coined under stalking.

  • Never give out your phone number and personal details to a stranger.
  • Never reply or forward messages you are not sure about.
  • Never click a link sent through messages you are not sure about.


Pedophiles are person with psychiatric disorder in which an adult or adolescent are exclusive sexually attracted to children. More children are used to mobile blogging and chatting. This makes the pedophiles dream a success.

Pedophiles use cell phones to target children in the age of 12-15. They send obscene calls and messages to the children. They impersonate themselves as children and exploit the users.

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