Industrial Espionage

Most business organizations store their sensitive information in computer systems. This information is targeted by rivals, criminal and sometimes disgruntled employees.

Business rivals obtain information namely business plans, business strategies, marketing strategies, potential customers, confidential quotations etc using cyber criminal and then uses the information for the benefit is his own business.

Industrial Espionage by competitors using cyber criminals are increasing in the recent trends. Cyber criminals are offering cyber crime as a service where your competitors can utilize them for spying your business and gaining access to critical information infrastructure.

“Cyber Crime as a Service”     Sell – Buy – Hire – Outsource

Some of the common cyber crime services offered by the cyber criminal are given below

  • Access to Critical Systems
  • Custom Virus Development
  • Specific Hacking Software
  • Translation Services
  • Secure Hosting
  • DDoS Botnets
  • Lists of targets for phishing schemes

A cyber crime investigator must understand the basics of the industry in order to effectively investigate incidents of cyber crimes in Industrial Espionage.


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