E-Crime Scene Investigation

In an E-Crime scene investigation such as analysis of logs of the hacked computers, forensic examination of the computers and data storage devices of the suspects etc can reveal a lot of evidence. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify some storage devices example USB storage devices that looks identical like pens, shirt buttons, watch, ring etc. The suspect's data storage devices can be examined using forensic tools and all relevant evidence can be extracted. Sometimes, password cracking tools can be used in case the suspect has password protected the devices or his computer.

In case of payments made by the victim in to a bank in India, the bank officials can be interrogated to provide information about the account holder that he had submitted to open the suspect bank bank account.

In certain cases of E-Crime scene investigation may lead to public computers or open wifi. In this situation conventional investigation can be used with the help of enforcement authorities.

In E-Crime scene investigation depending on the illegal activities being transacted the provisions of Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, Arms, Act, Wildlife related laws etc may applied along with the Information Technology Act.


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