Network & Cloud Forensics

Network Forensics

When it comes to forensics in corporate we cannot ignore the network component involved in today's environment. While performing computer hard disk forensics or server forensic that are connected to a network of system including the disk used to record the surveillance camera footage it is mandatory to conduct forensic across all the systems connected in that network. In most of the data theft case or employee misuse scenario, the network often has an unparalleled view of the incident because the criminal always perform or attempts to perform the criminal activity through a different computer system connected to the same network in order to escape the liability.

Wireless Forensics

It is a discipline included within the computer forensics science and specifically within the network forensic field. The aim of wireless forensic is to provide the methodology and tools required to collect and analyze wireless network traffic that can be presented as valid digital evidence.

Cloud Forensics

Cloud Forensics is the use of most advance forensic tools in order to collect evidence from a computer or server located remotely in any part of the globe. Cloud forensic is used for collection, validation, identification, analysis, interpretation, documentation and presentation of digital evidence derived from the digital sources located in remote place where the forensic analyst could not physically present.


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