In Canada cryptocurrency is not a legal tender, but when comes to exchanges it is legal and it has to be register with FinTrac. Though they are not legal tender it is allowed to use and buy goods and services in the stores they accept and also in online. The Canadian government proactively participating in bringing up regulating system under provincial securities laws. In 2014 itself they introduced the entities that dealt with the virtual currencies which brought under the Proceeds of Crime (Mo...

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Now, coming to the view of legalization of cryptocurrency in Japan, the cryptocurrency in Japan is legal and it is considered as a property. When talking about the exchanges it is also legal and it must be registered with the Financial Service Agency. There is a legislation named Payment Services Act (PSA), under this regulatory act, the Bitcoin and other digital currencies are recognized as legal property in Japan. Since, the crypto exchanges have been considered as legal, the government imposi...

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South Korea, holds one among the top 5 crypto markets across the world with almost 9% of global trade volume in August 2021, in crypto exchanges. In South Korea cryptocurrency is considered legal to buy, sell and own crypto assets but it is not considered and not legalised as official tender by the South Korean Government. It must be registered in Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) and when the exchanges are legal it holds the part of closely-monitored regulatory system. In South Korea, the cry...

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The long standing question on people’s mind pertaining online rummy is its legality as it is perceived in akin with betting and gambling. The is not an Res Integra question as the Apex Court has already delivered a judgment on the issue as that the game of rummy is legal as the rummy is a game of skill and not a game of chance. In pursuance of Article 19(1) (g), playing a game of skill is considered as business under the aforementioned Article and which is legal. [State...

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Block Chain is a digital ledger that is used for the transactions of the data in a computer network. The information that is passed from several networks will be stored in each block of the chain; each block consists of the number of transactions and forms a chain. Therefore it is known as Block chain technology.  Block chain is best for the crypto currency such as Bit coins; to store the information securely and decentralized record of transactions. The capacity to store the data in a...

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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not rely on banks for transaction rather uses cryptography. To the common knowledge it is a peer to peer transaction as it has no jurisdiction within which the transaction should be made. Unlike physical money being exchanged in real world, cryptocurrency transaction takes place only in cyberspace and payments exists as digital entries. Cryptocurrency got its name as it uses encryption to verify transaction. While bitcoin was the first found cryptoc...

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