The Criminal Investigation Department(CID) of the Assam police has shut down a call centre which has illegally obtained the personal information of US citizens. The call centre was run by one Rajesh khan and 37 employees who were working under him, all of whom were charged for criminal conspiracy, fraud and other offences read with the section 66 of the Information technology act, 2000. According to the report of the CID, the employees from the call centres used Voice Over Internet Protocol, ...

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In the month of June 2019 a 27 year old gym trainer, Mohit Mor, who was famous in Instagram and Tik Tok, was shot by 3 armed men in a Xerox shop. The police said that the deceased had gone to the photocopy shop to meet a friend. Mohit mor succumbed to a total of 7 bullets.Police are yet to the armed men but, one of them was spotted on the CCTV footage while they were trying to escape the photocopy shop. The police highly suspect that this murder should have done by some one who had enmity tow...

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Clairvoyant scams are the customer receives a call that they have seen some terrible happenings in the future and for more details the customer have to share their personal information. They will approach the customers by email, telephone call, even face to face. The fraudsters ask money from the customers for their services.  The event which is informed by the fraudsters could be winning lottery ticket or removal of the curse. The clairvoyant scams will be like the fraudsters says the exac...

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Bogus tradesmen fraud means the fraud which happens in the doorstep of the victim. Buying in doorstep is very convenient for everyone where traveling is very difficult to buy products. Door to door frauds is done in many forms. The main aim of the fraudsters is to insist the victims buy a product which not even exist. This fraud involves promoting good and services which either never delivered or even poor quality. There are specific laws for every door to door sales. The fraudsters will provide...

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This type of fraud will be like the victim gets a  phone call from the fraudsters and make the customer invest money in some schemes or activities which does not exist. The fraudsters induce the investors to invest their amount in a loss stock in a false belief. Investment fraud involves stock, bond, products or even real estate. They are five types of investment fraud called pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, pump and dump, advance fee fraud and offshore scams. In Pyramid schemes, the investo...

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Advertisements play a most prominent role in today's society. One of the television advertisements is the weight loss product where it reaches every nook and corner of the world.  The scam which is related to the weight loss product that a miracle can happen by losing 2-kilo grams in two days is called slimming cure scams. The products which is not medically proven is sometimes harmful to consumer health. So it becomes a necessity that it will be medically proven. The consumer must take...

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